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How to Improve Tech Youtube Channel Views and SEO: Best Tips

Summary: If you want to improve the views on your tech videos, here are some of the best tips for you. Also, we have discussed some of the major issues and challenges when growing a new Youtube Channel and the best SEO practice that you can leverage to beat the Youtube algorithm.

In 2016-2018, we saw a great run for many Tech Youtube channels. A lot of views and moolah back then, but things are getting worse for many channels currently.


Looking at the success of a handful of Tech Channels like or Technical Guruji, TechBurner, who have millions of subscribers and are paid fat stacks, the business looks flourishing & enticing. 


On the other hand, some of the more prominent tech channels like iGyaan, or Phoneradar or Sharmaji Technical are struggling for views. Back in the days, these channels use to get millions of views on the fresh content. But now, even after having over a million subscribers, the views on videos are sometimes as low as 20-30k. 

Even for some new Channels that are creating cinematic content, like the Revatlas or TechforLuddites getting views is becoming difficult.

The struggle of established channels brings us to the question.

Should You Start a New Youtube Channel in Tech Niche?

 Frankly, It is tough to get success in the Tech Niche that is overcrowded and fighting for the same share of viewers.  

Competiton is not from local channels but several international channels with a huge budget, resources, and high reach.

Creating a new brand name and attracting viewers is not so easy. Besides, old and established channels are struggling for views. 

Later, I will share some of the things struggling, and new channels can focus on to get more views. 

Challenges in Running a Tech Youtube Channel

There are many challenges with Tech Niche; it is essential to understand these before we attempt to improve the channel performance. 

The No.1 challenge for new channels is to get the devices early. Big Channels get the devices from the brands a lot soon and post videos on the product launch day.

Most viewers see it, and if you buy the device after 7-10 days and even post a high-quality video on the topic, viewers are not interested. They have already seen several videos on the subject and moved on. 

The second biggest challenge is the ability to buy new devices and sell them later on. It is a significant investment, and sometimes when you sell a device a month or two later, you can lose a substantial amount of money. You are already not making money, and this is an added pain. 

The number of views is usually low, and considering Youtube Pays around Rs 50 to Rs 70 for 1000 Indian views, the viability of running the channel profitably is slim. Even if you get 50,000 views, you are making you are only making Rs — 2500, not enough to cover the cost of the device and your set-up. 

Reasons Why Not Getting Enough Views

Repetitive Content – One of the biggest reasons for not getting high views is the repetitive content topic. If I have seen 2-3 iPhone 11 reviews, do you think I will be interested in watching yet another one? 

First to Market: A lot of SEO success on Youtube and Google search is related to who targets the keyword first. Creating Videos on Topics early can be a massive factor in failure or success. 

Low User Retention: One of the most critical factors for success on Youtube is how long people watch your videos. If it is anything about 35-40%, you will do good on Youtube. The algorithm will push your content to a lot of viewers. 

Low CTR – A high CTR above 8-10% is essential if you want to get a lot more views. CTR and user retention are the two most important factors for Youtube SEO. Don’t worry about tags and keywords and other crap; they are not so important. 

So How Can You Get More Views if You are running a tech Channel on Youtube:

Here are the top suggestions for You:

1). Post-High-Quality Videos 

MKBHD or Jonathan Morisson has set very high standards when it comes to tech videos. You can’t catch them early on, but be inspired and create the best content that you can. With High-Quality videos, your watch time may increase, but not necessarily — your content matters. 

2). Unique Topics

Don’t do what others are doing. One of the most exceptional pieces of advice from Bhuvan Bham (BB Ki Vines) in his Ted Talk was “Be Different and Unique to Win on Youtube.” It is essential to create more videos on unique topics than to work on repetitive topics that are already covered by several other channels.

3). In-depth Content 

Your Videos Need to Have great content on the topic and should be able to hold the user’s attention. Usually, if you are also babbling the same crap that others have already said, it is not going to keep the user’s attention. You need to be different, as Bhuvan Bham said. 

4). Thumbnail Design 

Your Thumbnails have to be super high quality and should be about the topic. Look at Beebom or MKBHD thumbnails, high quality, and right on point. CTR matters, and even if your thumbnail is a bit of a clickbait, do it. I mean, look at Casey Neistat or even TG or any successful channel, they all do it. Also, a lot of YouTubers run Twitter polls to decide on the thumbnail that is more appealing to users. 

5). Know Your Viewers

Don’t make a video for other creators – Make your videos simple and easy to watch, covering basics, and knowing what an average person would want to know is essential. If you just talk about very advanced topics, you are limiting your audience.

Let me sum up what you need to do for Youtube’s success. 

Summary: How to Grow Your Tech Youtube Channel

  • Be unique – don’t pick up topics that are already covered too many times. Or at least bring a unique perspective. 
  • Be the First- If you can cover a topic early, it is going to help get more views.
  • High user retention and CTR are essential for Youtube success. 
  • It is not easy, and It will take time, effort, persistence, and learning from a lot of failures.
  • Be consistent – Post videos every day or at least 3-4 per week. 
  • Don’t fret over keyword research, title tags, meta-description, or other crap old fashion SEO’s are teaching you. Youtube is smart; they know what content will make users stick to the platform. These things don’t have much impact on the views. 
  • It is easy said than done. Work hard like Elon Musk. 
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How to Grow Your Youtube Channel Infographics


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